Do you wish you could sleep

better and be healthier?​​​​​​​​​​


We have the total Sleep Solution with DRIFT TO SLEEP, Sleep Mask and Superior
Moldex ear plugs
The DRIFT TO SLEEP Sleep mask is high quality, blocks out light and has an adjustable strap that fits comfortably.
Our sleep mask is lightweight and helps you sleep comfortably and naturally.  When combined with Moldex soft earplugs, you will find you have a complete solution to sleeping in a bed with a partner who watches TV or reads late into the night.  Those annoying LED lights and glowing computer screens are no longer an issue. You will not see any disruptive lights or hear noises from electronic devices.
Problem Solved!
The DRIFT TO SLEEP sleep mask and earplugs are high quality and comfortable. If not completely satisfied, you will get your money back, GUARANTEED! Improve your health today, use the DRIFT TO SLEEP Sleep Solution.
US Patented Design

Made out of light weight, breathable, washable, quick drying, long lasting material.


Special Packages


DRIFT TO SLEEP ear plugs by Moldex are made in USA and block out most noise.


Life Time Warranty


If for whatever reason you do not love your Sleep Solution just return it and we'll give you a full refund.