Insomnia and Stress-Filled Dreams; Reversible Patterns

I was up all night last night, and got out of bed to surf the internet. I found this interesting article by Patrick Nemecheck- it describes me exactly! It just felt good, knowing I am not alone.

Insomnia and Stress-Filled Dreams; Reversible Patterns

by PATRICK NEMECHEK, D.O. on JULY 27, 2014

What if you could stop lifelong insomnia and stress-filled dreams by changing your gut bacteria and balancing your nervous system?

In my work to reverse cellular damage, I’ve found surprising new trigger mechanisms that disturb our sleep. It is literally the stuff dreams are made of.

Insomniacs and people who suffer sleep disturbances share common patterns. Their nights are often full of crippling anxiety, stressful nightmares, and countless hours trying to either fall asleep or stay asleep. Some linger in a horrible middle ground for hours, somewhere between being awake and being asleep, with a whirling mind inside an exhausted body.

Many report 3 AM – 5 AM “worry lists”, an inability to “shut off their minds”, or they going from one stress-filled dream into another. Their sleep is rarely restorative. They’ve tried everything from prescription sleep aids, drinking alcohol to pass out, biofeedback, and night shift jobs to accommodate these problems. But nothing seems to work and they are chronically exhausted.

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