5 Best Sleeping Tips for Women

A study published in the Sep. 2010 issue of the journal Sleep reported that inadequate sleep could take years if your life—if you're a man. However, female insomniacs could be suffering the same fate. “Insomnia has potentially severe side effects. It needs to be treated, and more effort needs to be put into sorting out better treatments,” says Edward Bixler, co-author of the study and sleep researcher. Here are the five best sleeping tips for women that might provide some much-needed relief for female insomniacs.

1.Prepare the Setting: Your bedroom should be sleep-friendly. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends making your bedroom comfortable, reducing noise and extreme temperatures. Get a firm mattress that supports your spine. Make sure your bed linen is soft and clean. Wear a snug nightdress to prevent from tossing and turning in bed later.

2.Practise Pre-Bedtime Rituals: Take a shower to relax your nerves or get an oil massage. The massage will drain the tension from your muscles and is one of the best sleeping tips for women. Play some soothing music – such as the sound of the ocean waves. Meditate for a few minutes before lying on the bed.

3.Establish a routine: Follow your biological clock to curb insomnia. Avoid catnaps during the day and if you do need to nap at all, sleep for no more than an hour. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at a fixed time in the morning. After a while, you’ll realize that this might well be one of the best sleeping tips for women.

4.Exercise and diet: If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may be prone to insomnia. Regular exercise, even as little as 20 minutes of activity, will help you sleep better at night. Do not exercise close to your bedtime because that will increase your metabolism and your body will need some time to slow down before it can relax. An important sleeping tip for women is to avoid caffeinated drinks late in the day.

5.Sleep on your back: Sleeping on your stomach leads to undue pressure on your lungs, while sleeping on your left side puts pressure on your heart. If you must sleep on your side, sleep on your right side. Sleeping on your back is the best sleeping tip for women because it minimizes stress on your body and internal organs.

Whether you are a harrowed homemaker or a corporate cat, use these sleeping tips to ensure that you and your family get a good night's rest

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