The 4-7-8 technique

Pioneered by Harvard-trained holistic health doctor Andrew Weil, the 4-7-8 technique is as gloriously simple as tricks to make your body fall asleep come.

All you have to do is lightly touch the ridge of tissue behind your top front teeth with your tongue, exhale completely, and then adopt the following breathing pattern:

- Breathe in through your nose quietly for a count of 4

- Held your breath for a count of seven

- Blow air out through your mouth for a count of 8, making a Whoosh' sound

- Repeat the process three more times

Dr. Weil says the technique is a powerful method of falling asleep because it delivers more oxygen than normal breathing to the parasympathetic nervous system, which becomes overstimulated during times of stress

Regular counting also helps to distract the mind from the issues of the day that it can carty to bed

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