Hooray Hooray It’s National Sleep In Day!

Yes, you better believe it – there is a National Sleep In Day!

It’s the day the clocks go back on Sunday 30th October and we all get an extra hour in bed – guilt free!

That’s why we coined it National Sleep In Day. It’s the perfect excuse to have an extra-long snooze or even enjoy a leisurely morning in bed.

If you want to make the most of the extra hour in bed, here’s our top tips:

1. Remember to switch the alarm off before you go to sleep at night. And unplug any phones in the room and ensure that any radios or televisions are not set to come on at any time in the morning.

2. Make sure you close the curtains – preferably good heavy ones that will block out the daylight that can disturb your mid-morning slumber.

3. Make sure you are sleeping on a good bed. An old one with chronic roll-together mattress and creaky springs is not conducive to a good night’s sleep, let alone a lie-in.

4. Monitor temperature in the room. A room that’s too hot or too cold, too stuffy or too draughty can disturb sleep. A room temperature of around 16-18°C (60-65°F) is usually sufficient for getting a good night’s sleep. Anything over 24°C (71°F) is more likely to cause restlessness and temperatures around 12-13°C (53-55°F) are usually too cool to be able to drop off.

5. Remember, the bigger your bed, the less the chance your sleep will be disturbed by your partner.

6. If you have young children, make sure it’s your partner who has to get up – leaving you with a lovely lie-in!


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