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Drift to Sleep Eye Mask with 2 Pairs Soft Foam Moldex Ear Plugs Comfortable Unisex Sleep Mask 

$ 11.95

Product Description


  • CONTOURED POCKETS allows you to blink freely. Never interferes with REM sleep or smudges make up

  • SOFT ADJUSTABLE STRAP allows for a custom fit. Ideal for travel, meditation, yoga, quick naps. Works great with CPAP machine


  • UNBEATABLE QUALITY/BEST COMBINATION for Women, Men, Shift workers to naturally shut out light and noise

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. WAKE UP REFRESHED AND RESTED!



Contoured Sleep Mask that allows complete eye movement and does not smudge makeup

Wake up totally refreshed!


- Does ambient light or street lights keep you awake?

- Is your sleep affected by a partner who snores or works on a laptop in bed?

- Do you worry about smudged makeup?

- Does insomnia keep you awake at night?

- Are you kept awake by a room mate or partner who watches TV plays video games or reads late at night?


Drift to Sleeps sleep solution can solve your problems!


- Possibly the most comfortable sleep mask you have ever used.

- Blocks light 100% and does not interfere with REM sleep. REM sleep is essential to mental health and a good nights rest.

- Wake up with your makeup intact.

- Soft comfortable adjustable straps ensures a custom fit

- Lightweight breathable sleep mask ideal for travel or napping just about anywhere

- 2 pairs of Soft foam earplugs that adjust to most size ear canals come in a handy pocket pack, to block out sounds

- Earplugs by Moldex are made in USA

- Quick drying long lasting material

- Drift to sleep is the patented sleep mask that lets you blink freely and does not interfere with REM sleep

- Improve your health the natural holistic drug free way.


A US Patented design and a trusted premium product. 100% money back guarantee.

If for Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your Sleep Solution, Just Return It, And We'll Cheerfully Refund Every Cent!

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